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The primary factors affecting the machinability of plastic mold

There are many applications in plastic mold manufacturing, including cutting of plastic mold steel is basically through the whole process, then today Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor take you a look can be the primary factor of influence of cutting materials in plastic mold processing.

Hardness is an important factor affecting the performance of metal cutting. The general rule is steel more hard, more difficult to process. High speed steel (HSS) can be used for processing hardness is the highest of 330-400 HB material; high speed steel titanium nitrogen (TiN) coating, processing hardness is 45 HRC and the hardness of materials; 65-70 HRC material, you must use the hard alloy, ceramic, metal ceramic and cubic boron nitride (CBN).

The chemical composition of steel is very important, the higher the alloy composition of steel, the more difficult to process, when the carbon content increases, the metal cutting performance decreased.

The structure of the steel is also very important to the machinability of the metal. The different structures include: forged, cast, extruded, rolled, and machined, forged and cast surfaces that are very difficult to machine.

Non metal doped generally have adverse effects on tool life. For example, Al2O3 (alumina), it is pure ceramics, have very strong abrasion.

The last one is residual stress, which can cause the problem of metal cutting performance. To release the stress in the process often recommended after the rough machining.

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