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Action principle of plastic mould for plastic mould

The injection mold used to have two plate mould and mould board, mould and three plate mold plastic mold is related to the gate into the water into the water and fine. Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to explain the principle of plastic mold plate.

1) the parent template with the public template together with the backward movement, movement to set distance, small rod limit block, because the parent template with the injection molding machine to move backward, this small rod is driven, it also drives the stripper plate movement will head up.

(2) the forming machine continues to move backwards, the pulling force is increasing, and the locking force of the opening and closing device is separated from the male template.

(3) in promoting the spinal rod, the top plate drives the ejection mechanism (thimble rod, slightly oblique) begin to exercise, will be finished top.

(4) in the promotion of molding machine, mold cavity side lateral movement, public pressure to the parent template template and stripper plate, finally completely closed tightly, the nozzle molding machine and mold the sprue bushing seal to start injection.

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