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Plastic mold factory for the selection of mold steel

For the friend that is engaged in the plastic mold industry, do you know how to choice plastic mold steel? Let's take a look at. The successful application of the selection of plastic mould steel for plastics, and the selection of resins for ultimate performance requirements molding products, have the same importance.

As resin should be according to the configuration, in order to meet the performance requirements of plastic in the application, also need to alloying steel, in order to satisfy the requirement of specific performance in use. Some applications require high hardness, high wear resistance of plastic die steel, to improve the durability of parting line, and the other is higher toughness of the application of plastic die steel, resistant to mechanical fatigue. In general, a higher hardness and wear resistance of the steel is more fragile, and almost all the cases, the stronger toughness of steel, steel and steel abrasion resistance, adhesion abrasion, and glass fiber or mineral filling resin abrasion resistance will be reduced.

Plastic mold maker can choose stainless steel, molding resin for most other steel corrosion effects. Steel hardness is higher (rockwell 55 or more), the integrity of the parting line will be increased obviously and the parting line, steel and steel clamping along the mouth will produce core-pulling, one or all of the two steel surface hardness range should be between rockwell 55 to rockwell 58. In order to prevent the glass or mineral filling resin for mould abrasion, recommend to consider at the gate embedded A - 2, 2 or M - 2 D - steel, and at the core is opposite gate embedded wear resistant steel.

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