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Distributary channel should be how to design in injection mold

Distributary channel belong to part of the mold structure system in injection mold design, the shape of the shunt way and size and the volume of plastic parts, wall thickness, the complexity of the shape, injection rate and other factors. Jiezheng mould editor of the belt today we take a look at distributary channel should be how to design in injection mold.

The volume of the plastic parts is bigger but the shape is not complicated, and even wall thickness, can consider to adopt the way of multipoint feeding, shorten the length of the shunt way, favorable to the molding of plastic parts and appearance quality guarantee. In terms to facilitate processing, using cross section shape of semicircle shunt. Check the manual, choose R = 4 mm.

Due to shunt way in contact with the mould of the outer plastic cooling rapidly, only near the center of the plastic melt flow state of ideal, because the surface of distributary channel in the surface roughness Ra doesn't require very low, generally take about 1.6 microns can be, so a bit not smooth surface, helps the outer layer of the plastic melt cooling cortex is fixed, and between the center of the melt and produce a certain speed difference, to ensure that the is appropriate when the melt flow shear rate and shear heat.

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