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Design of product thickness in the process of plastic mold manufacturing

Today is the annual Lantern Festival. I believe that most of my friends will reunite with their families at night, but the majority of colleagues in Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory are you still working overtime? Editing I am working overtime to update the website for everyone. I haven't updated the article for a long time since the New Year. Today, I will fill in the design of the product thickness in the plastic mold manufacturing process.

The molding process and use requirements of plastics have important limitations on the wall thickness of plastic parts. If the wall thickness of the plastic part is too large, it will not only increase the cost due to too much material, but also bring certain difficulties to the process, such as prolonging the molding time (hardening time or cooling time). It is unfavorable to improve production efficiency, and it is easy to generate bubbles, shrinkage holes, and depressions. If the wall thickness of the plastic part is too small, the flow resistance of the molten plastic in the mold cavity is large, especially in the shape of complex or large plastic parts, which is difficult to form. Because the wall thickness is too thin, the strength of the plastic part is also poor. In the case of ensuring the wall thickness of the plastic parts, the wall thickness should be made uniform, otherwise the shrinkage will be uneven during the molding cooling process, which not only causes bubbles, depressions and warpage, but also has a large inside inside the plastic parts. stress. When designing plastic parts, it is required to avoid acute angles at the boundary between the wall thickness and the thin wall, the transition should be moderate, and the thickness should be gradually reduced along the direction of plastic flow.

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