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The form of mold release in the manufacture of plastic molds

In the design and manufacture of plastic mold, we often have to consider the form of the stripping mechanism, the form of the mold release mechanism generally have the following: 1. Roof stripping mechanism; 2. Roof stripping mechanism; 3. Double split mechanism ( Two sub-mold surface); Secondary stripping mechanism (twice ejected) 5. Point gate automatically cut off and off the body.

1. Mandrel stripping mechanism

            Generally used for mold force small cavity plastic parts:

        ① The guide rod of the mandrel is shorter.

        ② tendons due to local stripping force, need to be reinforced bit.

        ③ top out of the disc-type top out.

        ④ mandrel material: 45 steel, T8 or T10 steel, HRC 50 or more.

        ⑤ with the plunger hole with the gap with.

        ⑥ fixed form of mandrel.

        ⑦ the structure of the mandrel.

        2. Roof release mechanism

           For the thin-walled containers, shell-shaped plastic parts and not allowed to leave the surface of the workpiece in the pieces of plastic parts, can use the roof release mechanism.

           Roof stripping mechanism features: uniform ejection force, smooth movement, the top of the large force, fixed connection, non-fixed connection.

        3. Dual split mechanism (two split face)

          A. The use of the role of spring to achieve the first stripping, for plastic parts on the fixed die adhesion is not, stripping distance is not long plastic parts, spring failure.

          B. The use of leverage to achieve the role of mold release.

        4. Secondary stripping mechanism (twice ejected)

Two - shaped gripping mechanism

          Retention mechanism of retracting type

        5. Point gate automatically cut off and off the body

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