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Remove plastic mold products thickness difference

A set of plastic mold in injection molding production process often appear all sorts of problems, so face different problems have different solutions, or to avoid. Today we take a look at the dongguan Plastic mold factory to eliminate plastic mold products thickness difference method.

First to look at the reason for the difference between the thickness of plastic mold products produced:

1. Mould deviation

2. Due to the wrinkling of the injection mould

3. Due to the deformation of the injection pressure molding

Mold as long as there is a little deviation, can make into the mould molten material uneven, began to flow into the big pressure, make the mould deformation, deviation is bigger and bigger. Even in the mold no deviation, if it is set into the uneven gate also can produce the same result.

In order to prevent deviation and deformation performance of dynamic and static modulus, sometimes it is necessary to set up reliable locking groove.

Remove plastic mold products thickness difference

1. The injection pressure drop

2. The aim of dynamic and static modulus of lumen with mold core, set groove forced adjustments

As long as the low pressure liquid materials can enter the mold cavity, products produce thickness difference is difficult. Using rough guide pin to replace the notch effect is not big.

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