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How to prevent the plastic mold rust

In plastic mold mold industry friends know the mold is very easy to rust, if the mold maintenance do not, then die good will because of rust thus affecting the plastic mold production, so today we take a look at ways to prevent mold rust.

Let's look at the reasons for plastic mold rust; product molding material decomposition; mold resurgence; hand sweat. The three is the most common cause of die rust.

The most common form of decomposition of molding material (gas and residue) is the corrosion of the mold. In order to prevent the use of mold rust is the most widely used in the mold cavity for chrome plating treatment, but chrome treatment can not fully solve the problem, because the decomposition of the product on the pin hole is very deep part of the corrosion. And these places are not the place to be plated. The resurgence of mold cooling below, the moisture in the air on the surface of the mould and produce moisture drops, will rust.

Method for preventing rust of plastic mould:

1 hand cloth graze cavity surface. The forming material is fully dried, and the temperature of the material barrel is decreased to prevent the material from being decomposed.

2 the product material into a decomposition of the mold no corrosion of the material.

3 easily broken materials, such as PVC, POM, EVA, PC, and foam materials, etc.. Because the decomposition of the mold has a corrosive effect on the mold to deal with chrome plating.

4 when the molding is temporarily stopped, the mold cavity spraying rust inhibitor, and then close the mold.

5 mold for a long time to stop the use of external and active parts of the mold coated with a layer of butter.

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