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Focus on production management of plastic mould factory

Plastic mold factory production management is very important for an enterprise, the management level of the good and bad is related to the success of the enterprise's operation or not. Today, Dongguan plastic mold factory editor for the introduction of plastic mold factory production management focus.

Mold enterprises generally by the project to organize production. Its management focus is:

1, the production department and sales, design, procurement, warehouse, process departments to effectively cooperate.

2, reasonably determine the delivery period, as far as possible to shorten the production cycle.

3, to strengthen the process of quality control, as far as possible to reduce rework and scrap, and other quality anomalies.

4, strengthen communication with customers, as far as possible to reduce design changes.

5, improve the general level of parts.

6, improve the manufacturing system flexibility such as flexible production capacity, processing volume flexibility, process flexibility.

7, to improve the organizational form of the production process.

8, improve the production management of the communication model, information model, planning mode, control mode.

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