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What is the definition of plastic mold injection mold?

Today is November 14th, 19th, and I have reached the middle of the month without knowing it, and even another year has passed. The year 2019 is almost over, and the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory is still rolling in the trough, but I always believe that hope is always there, and I can definitely get out of the trough. Today, I will explain the definition of plastic mold injection mold.

The injection mold is also called an injection mold. Injection molding is developed according to the principle of metal die-casting. Firstly, the granular or powdery plastic raw material is added to the material of the injection machine, heated and melted into a viscous flow state, and then driven by a plunger or a screw. The flow rate is injected into the closed mold cavity through the nozzle at the front end of the barrel and the casting system of the mold. After a certain period of time, the plastic is hardened and shaped in the mold, and then the mold is opened, and the plasticized injection mold formed from the mold is mainly used. In the molding of thermoplastic parts, the application of thermosetting plastic injection molding has been increasing in recent years.

There are many classification methods for injection molds: according to the materials of molded plastics, they can be divided into thermoplastic injection molds and thermosetting plastic injection molds; according to the type of injection machine used, it can be divided into injection molds for horizontal injection machines and vertical injection machines. Injection molds for injection molds and angle injection machines; according to the flow path form, they can be divided into ordinary flow injection molds and hot runner injection molds; according to their structural characteristics, they can be divided into single-section injection molds and double points. Profile injection mold, inclined guide column (bending pin, oblique guide column, inclined slider, rack and pinion) lateral type and core injection tool, injection mold with movable insert, fixed mold with ejection device Injection molds and automatic unloading of thread injection molds.

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