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Plastic moulds in diamond polishing problems should be paid attention to

Diamond grinding and polishing in plastic moulds must be carried out under the pressure of a lighter especially cream with fine grinding polishing pre hardened steel and polishing. When use # 8000 polishing paste, commonly used load of 100 ~ 200 g/cm2, but keep the loading precision is difficult to do it.

Make it easier to do this, can do it on the wood handle a thin, narrow, such as add a copper; Or on cut off part of bamboo and make it more soft. This can help control polishing pressure, to ensure that the mold surface pressure will not too high.

1. When using a diamond grinding and polishing, ask is not only a work surface clean, workers must also be carefully clean hands.

2. Every time polishing time should not be too long, the shorter the time, the better the results. If the polishing process for too long will cause "orange peel" and "pitting".

3. In order to obtain high quality polishing effect, easy to fever polishing methods and tools should be avoided. Such as: polishing wheel polishing, polishing wheel heat will be very easy to cause "orange peel".

4. When polishing process stops, ensure the workpiece surface clean and carefully remove all abrasives and lubricant is very important, then should be spray on the surface of a layer of mold antirust coating.

Due to mechanical polishing is still mainly rely on artificial to complete, so polishing technology is the main reason affecting the quality of polishing. In addition, also with the mold material, the surface condition, heat treatment before polishing process and so on. High quality steel is a prerequisite for good polishing quality, if there are differences between the steel on the uneven surface hardness or features, tend to produce polishing difficult. All kinds of inclusions in steel and pores are not conducive to polishing.


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