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Design of cooling system in plastic mold

Today is August 8th, 19th, the time passed by, and the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory, I have really been in the last year or two. I don’t know what day I can take it. In the year, it is floating and floating, and the world is not broken. No matter what, I have to work hard to change my destiny. When you are in the lowest valley of life, you have nothing terrible. The Jedi counterattacks, the bottom rebounds, and you get out of trouble. Today we introduce the design of the cooling system in plastic molds.

During the molding process, the mold temperature directly affects the filling, setting, molding cycle and quality of the plastic. Therefore, we need to set up a temperature regulation system on the mold to reach the ideal temperature requirements.

Generally, the temperature of the plastic melt in the injection mold is about 200 ° C, and the temperature of the plastic part is below 60 ° C when it is taken out from the mold cavity. Therefore, after the injection molding of the thermoplastic, the mold must be effectively cooled, so that the plastic parts can be reliably cooled and shaped and quickly released, thereby improving the quality and production efficiency of the plastic parts. For plastics with low melt viscosity and good fluidity, such as polypropylene, plexiglass, etc., when the plastic parts are small and thin, such as our plastic parts, the mold can be simply cooled or can be cooled by natural cooling. System; when the plastic part is a large product, the mold needs to be manually cooled.

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