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The best way to cut the cavity of the plastic mold

Dongguan is now engaged in Plastic mold factory friends said that the mold processing, and ultimately, talk about the cutting cavity of the best plastic mold processing methods, today's editor for everyone to briefly introduce.

There are four main methods:

1. Pre-drilling of the starting hole, the corner can also be pre-drilling. This method is not recommended: it requires the addition of a tool, and this tool also occupies the tool interior space. From the cutting point of view, the tool through the pre-drilling hole due to cutting force and produce adverse vibration. When using pre-drilled holes, it often causes damage to the tool. The use of pre-drilled holes also increases chip cutting.

2. If you use a ball end mill or a round blade cutter (see mold manufacturing sample C-1102: 1), pecking milling is usually used to ensure that all axial depth can be cut. The drawback of using this method is the chip removal problem and the use of round blades will produce very long chips.

3. One of the best methods is to use X / Y and Z-direction linear slope cutting to achieve full axial depth of cutting.

4. Circular interpolation can be done in helical form. This is a very good method, because it can produce a smooth cutting effect, but only requires a small start space.

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