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Classification of Injection Molding in Plastic Mold Injection Molding

Today is August 7, Dongguan Plastic mold factory weather is still very hot, a few days ago because of the more busy, there is no time to update the site, and finally have time to update the article today. Today, we introduce the injection molding of plastic mold injection molding machine classification.

Injection machine for the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic injection molding used in the main equipment, according to its shape can be simply divided into vertical, horizontal, right angle three.

According to the injection process of the injection machine, the injector can be divided into the following parts:

Injection device

The main function of the injection device is to make the solid plastic particles evenly plasticized in a molten state and to inject the plastic melt into the closed cavity at sufficient pressure and speed.

2. Mold clamping device

The role of the clamping device has three points: the first is to achieve the mold of the mold action

The second is to provide sufficient clamping force during molding to lock the mold

The third is the mold when the introduction of mold parts

3. Hydraulic drive and electrical control

Hydraulic transmission system is the injection system power system, and electrical control system is to control the power cylinder to complete the opening, closing and injection, launch and other action system.

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