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The principle of determining the pouring system in plastic molds

Engaged in plastic mold this industry, really do not know when to really free time, a few days ago is also very busy, has no time to update the article, I believe the site ranking also fell a lot of it Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor to introduce the plastic mold to determine the principle of pouring system.

Plastic molding characteristics, the design of the system should be applied to all the plastic molding characteristics of the requirements to ensure the quality of plastic parts.

Plastic parts of the size and shape, according to the size of plastic parts, shape, wall thickness, technical requirements and other factors, combined with fractal surface at the same time consider the form of pouring system, the number and location of the feed port to ensure normal molding, Direct impact inserts and delicate cores or concentric forces, as well as sufficient estimates of possible defects in the quality and location of the problem, so as to take appropriate measures or leave room for correction.

Mold forming plastic parts of the number of cavities set the casting system should also take into account the mold is a mold cavity or a multi-cavity, pouring system according to the cavity layout design.

Plastic parts appearance, set the casting system should be taken into account to remove, dressing the inlet easily. While not affecting the appearance of plastic parts.

Injection molding machine installation template size in the plastic projection area is large, set the casting system should take into account the size of the injection molding machine template is allowed, and should prevent the mold side of the open side of the feed inlet, resulting in uneven injection The

Molding efficiency, in the mass production of gating system should also be taken into account to ensure the quality of the molding under the best problems to shorten the process, reduce the cross-sectional area to shorten the process of filling and cooling time, shorten the molding cycle, while reducing the loss of plastic casting system.

Cold material at the injection interval. The cold material at the end of the nozzle must be removed to prevent the injection cavity from affecting the quality of the plastic parts, so the design of the pouring system should be considered to store the cold material.

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