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Basic requirements for the ejection mechanism in plastic molds

Today is August 1st, and it is also the Army Day. Seeing that this year has passed more than half of the time, the majority of friends of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory, how about your business in the first half of the year? Both good and bad must rely on their own efforts to slowly get out of the predicament. Ok, today I introduce the basic requirements for the ejection mechanism in plastic molds.

The ejector mechanism is also called the launching mechanism or the demolding mechanism, and the purpose is to smoothly take out the product from the mold after molding. The commonly used ejection mechanism can be divided into various forms such as ejector ejection, top tube ejection, oblique ejector ejection, push plate ejection, pneumatic ejection, and cylinder ejection.

Regardless of the type of ejection, the organization should meet the following basic requirements.

(1) Try to keep the plastic products on the back mold. This is because the injection machine ejector is used to eject the product. It is necessary to keep the product on the back mold during the mold opening process, so that the ejection mechanism of the mold is relatively simple. . If the product cannot be left on the back mold due to the relationship of the product, the product is ejected from the complicated ejection mechanism of the front mold.

(2) In order to ensure that the product is not deformed or damaged, it is necessary to analyze the relationship of the adhesion of the product in various parts of the cavity in order to select an appropriate ejection mode and ejection position.

(3) Since the product is tightly packed with the core, the release force should be as close as possible to the core, and should also be placed at the location with the highest stiffness and strength. The area of action should be as large as possible to avoid damage to the product.

(4) The structure is reliable, that is, the ejector mechanism should be reliable, flexible, and have sufficient strength and rigidity.

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