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Factors that affect the structure of plastic molds and molds

May wish to say: the impact of mold structure and mold individual system factors are many, very complicated: Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor to introduce the impact of plastic mold structure and mold individual system factors which?

1. cavity layout. According to the geometric structure of plastic parts, dimensional accuracy requirements, batch size, mold manufacturing difficulties, mold costs to determine the number of cavities and their arrangement.

For the injection mold, the plastic parts for the accuracy of 3 and 3a, the weight of 5 grams, the use of hardening pouring system, the number of cavity to take 4-6; plastic parts for the general accuracy (4-5), molding Material for the local crystalline material, the number of cavity up to 16-20; plastic parts weight of 12-16 grams, the number of cavity to take 8-12; and the weight of 50-100 grams of plastic parts, 4-8. For the amorphous plastic parts recommended cavity number is 24-48, 16-32 and 6-10. When you continue to increase the weight of plastic parts, it is rarely used multi-cavity mold. 7-9 grade precision plastic parts, the maximum number of cavity than the specified 4-5 grade precision plastic increased to 50%.

2. Determine the parting surface. The location of the parting surface should be conducive to mold processing, exhaust, stripping and forming operations, the surface quality of plastic parts.

3. Determine the pouring system (the shape, position and size of the main runner, the sprue and the gate) and the exhaust system (the method of the exhaust, the location of the exhaust groove, the size).

4. Select the top way (ejector, jacking, push plate, combined top out), determine the side concave processing methods, core pulling mode.

5. Determine the cooling, heating mode and heating the cooling groove shape, location, heating components of the installation site.

6. According to the mold material, strength calculation or empirical data to determine the thickness of the mold parts and dimensions, shape structure and all connections, positioning, guide parts position.

7. Determine the main form parts, structural parts of the structure.

8. Consider the strength of each part of the mold to calculate the working size of the molded parts.

 If these problems are resolved, the structure of the mold naturally resolved. At this time, we should start drawing the mold structure sketch, ready for the formal drawing.

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