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How many days plastic mold factory of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday

The college entrance examination in the past, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming. After poking fun at the college entrance examination thesis topic in all parts of the country, you should take a rest during the dragon boat holiday. Every Plastic mold factory work colleague can also take a good rest for a day. What? One day, Dragon Boat Festival is not the three days of vacation? Yes, for many industries, general meets the holiday will Ann according to national holiday arrangement, the holiday to follow the footsteps of the party. But some industry is hard to have a holiday, according to the regulation of plastic mold industry is one of them.

Then the plastic mold factory general how much vacation? The Dragon Boat Festival is put how many days? Small make up to tell you, in dongguan plastic mold factory have a holiday at ordinary times more, no less, less is more, want to see your own perception of holidays, some friends will take a day feel very few, less of the poor. But some people think one day is enough. What are the two point of view, a state of mind is generally in front of the now young people's mentality, think how many vacation days is not enough, in plastic mold factory work so tired, is should have a good rest. Another middle-aged are generally more mature mentality, even if again tired usually, now can have a day to rest, rest well, the efforts to earn money for the family account again tomorrow. Because of mold industry are rarely paid vacation, work more, work more at the same time also want to see your work efficiency.

Plastic mold factory of the Dragon Boat Festival is usually put more of a day, there are few put three days. Because of these different other kinds processing and manufacturing industry. Believe everyone heard before a few years working at foxconn crazy people just know how bitter work in processing and manufacturing enterprises. But you can rest assured, now most of the mold factory all don't say there are crazy people working strength. Okay, take a day can also, how many days, always better than no of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Well, many plastic mold factory is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday more than few details,  I wish you all health Dragon Boat Festival!

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