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Plastic mold cavity and core design specifications

Time flies, unknowingly, today is already January 27, 2018, Dongguan, I also edit the Plastic mold factory for a long time did not update the site, because recently really is too busy, finally have the time for everyone to introduce plastic Mold cavity and mold core design specifications.

1 cavity, the core template must be used conical positioning block or precision positioning block, in principle, installed in the middle of the four sides or around the mold, for the signs of the mold can not use the precision positioning block, but the use of taper positioning block in the mold .

2 mold A plate and reset lever contact surface need to use a flat or round pad, so as not to bump A board.

3 pairs of wear parts in principle, there should be more than 2 degrees of inclination, so as not to pull Mao prick, to wear part of not thin blade structure.

4 products should be uniform wall thickness, at least to consider the gradual change, in order to prevent shrink marks.

5 To avoid shrink marks on the product, the stiffener width should be less than 50% of the apparent wall thickness (ideally <40%).

6 If the product is electroplated parts, the dynamic mode also need to be polished, polishing requirements second only to the mirror polishing requirements, in order to reduce molding cold material.

7 Cavity, poor exhaust in the core of the ribs, concave shape must be used inlaid structure, so as to avoid filling dissatisfaction and coke marks.

8 Insert block, insert core should be reliable positioning, fixed, round pieces should stop rotation measures. Do not allow inserts under the pad copper, iron, if the welding pad is high, the welding should be formed at a large surface contact and polished.

9 If the product has a sticky mold, the side wall of the movable mold can retain the spark pattern, the cutting marks or the auxiliary groove, and the buckle can also be upside down on the push rod, but the appearance of the product and the fit of the product should not be affected.

10 deep ribs (more than 15mm) must be inlaid, if not inlaid, there must be measures to ensure that a good exhaust, smooth out the top.

11 Electroplating products generally do not allow the fixed mold welding, welding place must be confirmed by the relevant personnel in our company in writing.

12 plating parts to increase the corner plating process and OTS die to increase the font, the supplier shall not be charged to the Secretary for the repair costs.

13 mold parts must have a number, matching parts with a matching mark.

Note: The above information from the Jiezheng mold  finishing  on the Internet, welcome reproduced, indicate the source!


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