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Plastic mould thimble selection considerations

Ejection system is one of the most important function of injection mold structure, it consists of a series of launch parts and auxiliary parts, can have different action. Plunger type is the most commonly used method of ejection. Thimble ejection components, including round thimble, shoulder thimble, flat thimble, ejector sleeve. Plunger selection considerations is as follows:

1. To prevent deformation or damage to the plastic parts, the correct analysis of plastic parts for the size of the cavity of the adhesion force and their parts, targeted to choose the appropriate ejection device, the output of the top in rigidity and strength of the biggest plastic parts, namely the top edge of the wall as far as possible, rib, column below, function area as large as possible some (that is, as far as possible choose big diameter thimble), in case of plastic deformation or damage.

Ejector demoulding

2. The structure is reasonable and reliable, the ejection mechanism should be reliable, flexible motion, easy fabrication, easy replacement and has sufficient strength and rigidity.

3. The plunger diameter phi in 2.5 the following position and enough to do shoulder thimbles; Push the wall below 1 mm or push tube wall to diameter ratio of 0.1 or less to do with shoulder ejector sleeve, fixed part of great value as far as possible. Thimble effective coordination with the length = (2.5 ~ 3) D, minimum shall not be less than 8 mm, we usually take 20 to 25 mm in the process of production.

4. Thimble try not to put in the insert joining together

5. For more than 10 mm long arc of high glue, suggest using flat thimble ejection. The intensity of the shorter, the better its flat body parts, processing is easy, to indicate the length of the cylindrical part design specifications; For more than 10 mm high string a suggestion with push out.

6. With oblique thimble occasions, to prevent products with inclined top glide, inclined top near the plunger surface grinding "+" slot.


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