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A die in a molded part of a plastic mold

Today went to Tuesday, and Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, you have to firmly grasp the tail of June. Today to introduce you to the plastic mold compression mold forming parts in the die. The structure of the compression molding parts is very much the same as that of the injection molds. Today, the design features are discussed.

The structure of the die die is also integral and modular, as shown in Figure 7.13 a is a unitary die with a feed chamber. The overall die is characterized by simple structure, high strength, suitable for simple shape of plastic parts, easy machining of the cavity. When the cavity shape is complex for the processing, the feeding chamber and cavity or the cavity itself can be made into a combination. The composite structure of Figure 7.13 b is unreasonable because the compression mold has formed a high pressure in the cavity before the closure is fully closed, and the die has not yet been locked by the press, and the molten plastic under high pressure is easily pushed into the horizontal The connection between the gap, so that the connection between the two screws gradually elongated, the gap is increasingly forming the flash, the flash so that the plastic parts difficult to prolapse, the appearance of bad, so the compression mold should try to avoid the horizontal seam. Figure 7.13 c the structure is more reasonable, the plastic is difficult to squeeze into the vertical joints to go.


         (A)                                      (b)                         (c)

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