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A Brief Introduction to Plastic Mold Temperature Control System

A few days ago something delayed the article update, today for everyone to briefly introduce the plastic mold temperature control system. General mold is usually cooled at room temperature, the temperature control of the flow of water flow adjustment, good mobility of low melting point materials are mostly formed in this way. But sometimes in order to shorten the forming cycle, the water must be cooled.

The forming time of the small molded product is short and the forming time is short, and the forming cycle depends on the cooling time. In order to improve the efficiency, it is often cooled with cold water, but when the cold water is cooled, the moisture in the atmosphere condenses on the surface of the forming space, Resulting in defects in molding, to be noted. Forming high-melting materials or thick, thick flow of molded products, in order to prevent the lack of filling or strain occurs, sometimes the water pipe through the warm water. When forming a low-melting point forming material, the mold is heated when the forming area is large or large, and the mold temperature is controlled by hot water or hot oil or with a heater. Mold temperature is high, the need to consider the mold sliding part of the gap, to avoid the mold due to thermal expansion and poor action. In the case of a medium-melting point forming material, the mold temperature is sometimes controlled by the heating method to be used for the final temperature homogenization of the material due to the quality or fluidity of the molded article, and the partial heating is used to prevent the residual strain. As mentioned above, the temperature control of the mold is adjusted by means of cooling or heating.

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