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Principle and Characteristics of Compression Molding in Plastic Mold

Today is the annual April Fool's Day, Dongguan Plastic mold factory of the majority of my colleagues, you are too happy today? Today, editor for everyone under the plastic mold in the compression molding principle and characteristics.

(A) principle

   Compression molding is also called molding or pressing. The molding method is: first powder, granular, clastic or fibrous plastic into the molding temperature of the mold feeding chamber, and then mold pressure, to shape and curing to obtain the required plastic products.

(B) the characteristics of compression molding

    1, solid plastic directly into the cavity;

    2, the pressure of the press is directly through the punch to the plastic;

    3, the mold is completely closed in the final shape.

(C) the advantages of compression molding:

    1, no pouring system, consumption of materials less;

    2, the use of equipment for the general press;

    3, the mold is simple, you can suppress a larger flat plastic products or the use of multi-cavity mold, a suppression of multiple products;

    4, is conducive to the molding of poor mobility of fiber-based filler of plastic.

(D) the shortcomings of compression molding:

    1, the production cycle is long, low efficiency;

    2, difficult to suppress the complex shape, wall thickness difference between the larger plastic products;

    3, for the high dimensional accuracy of high precision plastic products is not easy to obtain;

    4, can not be pressed with fine and easy to break the plastic products.

(5) Compression molding Applicable scope:

      Phenolic plastic, amino plastic, unsaturated polyester plastic, polyimide, etc., of which phenolic plastic, amino plastic used the most widely.

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