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Countermeasures to eliminate the color of plastic mould products

In the plastic injection molding production process, just before the start of the mold debugging, often appear color uneven phenomenon. There are two commonly causes color uneven reasons: 1 colorant dispersion bad; insufficient thermal stability of materials 2.

According to the nature of the material, like granular pigment coloring material is thin, a material flow is parallel with the nature, thus showing the direction of irregularly in the gate while taking part. The results show that with the other parts of different colors. No matter what usually want to get rid of the fusion part of the pigment, color unevenness is very difficult, especially in the condition of multi gate. With the product than the use of toner particles of pigment products are more prone to uneven color.

Countermeasures to eliminate the color of plastic mould products:

1 to change the location of the gate to change the location of uneven color

2 long term: to improve the coordination of soft pigments.

3 crystalline resin (PP, PE, PA etc.), the cooling speed of different crystallinity changes because of crystallinity, good cooling rate low transparency, transparency due to the different thickness of the change, then it is necessary to cover the change of the use of soft pigment.

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