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Know how much plastic mold to design programs

Today is the Lantern Festival, after yuanxiao this year is so thoroughly. Lantern Festival now is not yet a legal holiday, so believe that a lot of friends are also trying to work today? Today the dongguan Plastic mold factory, editor of take you to look at the design of the plastic mould process.

< a > plastic technical requirements:

Use, usage, work requirements, size precision, roughness and other small plastic parts molding technology design principle, die structure rationality and so on comprehensive analysis.

< 2 > settlement parts weight selection to nominal injection volume, injection machine choice injection machine, determine the cavity number (a set of mold to shape different set of another piece).

< 3 > analysis parts determine the forming scheme

Parting surface, parting ways, lateral concave hole forming method, pouring water forms. Gate location, and method of heating cooling system and the other.

< 4 > drawing mould plan sketch

Drawing die at the beginning of project, and choose injection machine parameter.

< 5 > calculation

Forming another job size calculation, mechanical parts strength and stiffness computation.

< 6 > draw assembly drawings

Claim size assembly drawings (overall dimensions, special size; positioning ring size) with size assembly dimension limit, technical writing table.

< 7 > draw another piece

Paintings such as graphics, note the size, precision, roughness, and material requirements. Material and heat treatment technology conditions.

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