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The type of plastic mold gate

The end of the plastic mold flow, the entrance of the cavity is called the gate. Gate in injection molding mould occupies the most important position. Let's look at the type of plastic mold gate.

1. The standard gate: the gate thickness for the thickness of the molded products 30 ~ 40%, about three times of width to thickness of the molded products. This type of gate solidification speed, can keep the pressure within the cavity. Standard gate, needle point gate and gate into shape with known as restricted type gate.

2. Direct gate: also known as the sprue gate. When using this type of gate less material loss, simple structure of mould. But the gate nearby the defects, and a set of mould is most a cavity.

3. The fan gate: molten material into the mold parts, large area and thin, shaped like a fan said fan gate. Near the gate is not easy to produce defects, is widely used in the forming of the tablet.

4. The film shaped gate: with fan-shaped gate, gate wide and thin shape is called film gate. Applicable to large, thin molded products.

5. Disc gate: apply to the finished product of circular plate and circular, its surface is not allowed to produce joint trace. In the shape of round hole or set on the disc plate gate.


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