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Selection and design of formwork for plastic mold manufacturing

Today is June 27th, and I am about to enter the rhythm of July. The friends of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory, are you okay at the end of the month? Should I ask everyone's turnover is okay? Ok, let's take care of it, the mold is also to be done. Today, we will introduce the selection and design of mold bases in the production of plastic molds.

1. The standard mold base is preferred, and it is executed according to QJ/MM03.01 "Standard Plastic Formwork".

2. If the non-standard mold base is selected, the standard thickness should be preferred. Refer to QJ/MM03.01 Standard Plastic Formwork.

3. Large non-standard mold base, the diameter of the guide post is not less than Φ60mm, and the guide sleeve is made of cast copper.

4. The wall thickness of the guide sleeve hole of the large non-standard mold base shall not be less than 10mm, the wall thickness of the return needle hole shall be 35~40mm, and the diameter of the return needle shall not be less than Φ30.

5. Large non-standard mold base A plate, B plate lifting screw holes are M36 ~ M48.

6.450T injection molding machine above the mold, the template should have a ring hole on all four sides, there must be a mold angle between each template

7. If it is possible to generate a large side pressure (cavity depth exceeds 50mm), the non-standard large formwork should be designed with the original body.

8. Use as many pillars as possible to ensure that the mold does not deform during operation. The pillars are screwed to the movable seat plate.

9. The length of the mold guide post should be more than 20mm longer than the highest dynamic model core.

10. The mold foot must be installed on the mold. If the part protrudes from the mold, the height of the mold foot must be higher than the part protruding beyond the mold.

Note: The above information from the Jiezheng mold  finishing  on the Internet, welcome reproduced, indicate the source!


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