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What are the methods to ensure the accuracy of mold assembly in the production of plastic molds?

Today is October 24th. Soon this month is over again. It can be said that the year is coming. The editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory must strive to get rid of the status quo and strive for the upstream. Today, I will introduce you to the methods for ensuring the accuracy of mold assembly in the production of plastic molds.

The methods to ensure assembly accuracy can be summarized into four categories: interchange assembly method, selection assembly method, repair assembly method and adjustment assembly method.

The interchangeable assembly method refers to an assembly method that can achieve the specified assembly accuracy requirements after the parts are interchanged during the assembly process.

The assembly method is chosen to enlarge the manufacturing tolerances of the parts in the mating pair to economic precision, and then select the appropriate parts for assembly to ensure the assembly method required for assembly accuracy.

The repairing and assembling method refers to the assembly process of each relevant mold part according to economic precision. When assembling, the required repairing amount of the specified part is repaired according to the need to ensure the assembly precision of the assembly precision.

The adjustment assembly method refers to the method that the relevant mold parts are manufactured according to economic precision, and the relative position of the adjustable parts in the mold is changed during assembly or the appropriate adjustment parts are selected to achieve the assembly precision.

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