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Plastic mold factory electric spark forming processing equipment

In the production of plastic moulds, electric spark is one of important procedure, so the dongguan Plastic mold factory of electric spark forming equipment what are the parts? Jiezhen plastic mold below small make up slightly to introduce for you.

1, the machine tool main body by a spindle head, lathe bed, column, table and working liquid tank, etc. Spindle head by the feed system, steering mechanism, electrode of fixture and regulating mechanism, is the key parts.

2, pulse power supply, also known as pulse generator. Can adjust parameters such as current amplitude value, pulse width and pulse intermission, meet the needs of the coarse, medium and finish machining.

3, automatic feed control system, to ensure between electrode and workpiece in machining process always maintain a certain discharge gap, and can automatically compensate the gap size.

4, working liquid circulation filter system, have exclude electric corrosion product continuously, to ensure the machining accuracy. Filtering methods: natural precipitation, electrostatic filtering method, centrifugal filtration method and medium filtering method. Method of cycle: sucker type, oil type two kinds.

5, machine tools annex 1) translation: it is mainly used for mould processing. 2) electrodes fixture, tool electrode is fixed on the spindle, and overlap or parallel to the main shaft axis adjustment.

Above is the five parts of the electric spark forming processing equipment, the dongguan plastic mold factory friend, hurry long knowledge.

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