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Plastic molds in the mold assembly drawings include what

Today is February 16, blink of an eye in February has been to the middle, the spring March is coming, the sales season is also ready to come, Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends you ready? Today we take a look at what the mold assembly should include.

The mold assembly drawing should include the following:

1. Mold forming part of the structure

2. The structure of the pouring system and the exhaust system.

3. Parting and sub-mode pickup mode.

4. Outline structure and all connections, positioning, orientation of the guide.

5. Mark the height of the cavity (not required, as required) and the overall size of the mold.

6. Auxiliary tools (pickup tools, correction tools, etc.).

7. Order all parts in sequence, and fill in the schedule.

8. Mark technical requirements and instructions.

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