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Did you know about molds and molds for so many years?

We are engaged in the plastic mold industry colleagues, I believe we have done a long time plastic mold, but you really understand the mold and mold it? Today, the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory took everyone to learn about the mold and the mold kernel in the plastic mold.

The die is the skeleton of the entire mold, and all the components of the die must be considered in the structure of the die. The cost of die embryos generally accounts for about 30% of the total set of die. The die embryos are manufactured by a special large-scale die embryo factory, which has been standardized. Each die manufacturer can simply customize to the die embryo factory according to its own needs. Mold blanks are divided into panels, A-plates (front molds), B-plates (rear molds), C-plates (square irons), bottom plates, thimble plates, thimble plates, tubes, guide columns, back pins, ejectors, support heads, and clamps. Bit nails and so on. At present, the large-scale mold embryo companies in the Pearl River Delta region include Longji Model Embryo (LKM), Hongfeng Mold Embryo, and Chinese Model Embryo, among which LKM is the most famous. Its molds are widely used in mold manufacturing plants, and its quality and precision All are guaranteed.

The mold is also called a cavity, which is a molding core embedded in a mold blank template. Divided into the former mold kernel, the latter mold Ren, commonly known as the former model (Cavity), the latter model (Core). Why do you want to embed a mold in a template? Mainly for cost savings. Because plastics have very high requirements on the steel properties of the mold, such as hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature (heat deformation), etc., while the mold blank template does not require too much. The die hardness is generally 45~65HRC, and the die hardness of the die is 30~45HRC. The steel used as the die can reach RMB 200 per kilogram, while the die steel is generally RMB20~30.

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