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The characteristics of the plastic mold factory production management

In the mold industry friends all know that plastic mold is the foundation of the manufacturing technology and equipment, is a tool for must be used in manufacturing plastic products. Plastic mould manufacturing products is very efficient, a set of mould manufacturing is completed, can produce tens to hundreds of thousands of plastic products.


The main characteristics of Plastic mold factory production has two: one is the typical single production of products, the second is according to the mould contract signed with the user to arrange the production plan. Specific performance as follows:

1, each (batch of) product order few in number, and each product is almost completely different, the customer request the delivery length is different also. Almost not repeat production, low degree of standardization.

2, the product need to order (request) according to the requirements of customers design, customization, product structure is complex.

3, the product is composed of many parts, each parts processing process independent of each other, the whole production process is discrete, the product is through the production of parts, purchased parts, assembly of components and final assembly.

4, product production cycle is long (or different length), after the final assembly need proofing, debug and repair for many times.

5, each component, process routes each are not identical. Processing time is bad to estimate, the actual processing of uncertainty.

6, parts production and processing process, the process can increase, decrease or adjust according to the circumstance.

7, most customers on the delivery date is very demanding, using concurrent engineering has become so common.

8, design change frequently, how to reduce as far as possible design changes and rapid response design change is to face the problem.

9, how to coordinate materials, spare parts and manpower investment; If determine the production plan and arrangement of equipment, is one of the most difficult problems in the production plan.

10, production capacity is a dynamic concept, "bottleneck" varies with product and transferring, ready to load balance in the work plan, make production process synchronization becomes a very difficult and very necessary work.

11, the annual plan could hardly; Completes the short-term production plan and action plan is realistic and focus.

Above is the characteristics of the plastic mold factory production management, everybody is engaged in the plastic mold industry friends can learn to know.

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