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The influencing factors of precision plastic mold parts manufacturing

Factors affecting plastic mold parts manufacturing precision varied, Jiezhen mold below small make up just to sort out what are the main types of the most common factors.

1, process system of the influence of the geometric error on machining precision:

Error: (1) the processing principle of alignment error: try cutting method, the adjustment method; Machine tool error: error, machine tool spindle rotation error of machine tool guideway orientation

(2) fixture manufacturing error and wear and tear

(3) tool manufacturing error and wear.

2, the machining error caused by the force deformation process system

(1) process system stiffness influence on machining accuracy, cutting force point position workpiece shape error caused by the change; Machining error caused by the cutting force size change; The machining error caused by the clamping force and gravity

(2) the measures for decreasing the stress effect on the machining accuracy of process system, provide the system rigidity; Reduce the load and its changes; Reduce the workpiece deformation caused by residual stress

3, the machining error caused by the force deformation process system

4, the influence of the thermal deformation of machining accuracy of process system, the influence of thermal deformation of workpiece machining accuracy. The influence of tool thermal deformation of machining accuracy; The influence of machine tool thermal deformation of machining accuracy.

The above four factors is the most common factors, which affect the precision plastic mold parts manufacturing. Measures to improve the machining accuracy of error prevention technology, error compensation technology.

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