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The design principle of the gate in the plastic mold

Yesterday Sunday just finished Father's Day, Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, your father's Day to do what? Anyway, I'm still working. Today for everyone to introduce the gate in the plastic mold design principles.

A good gate can make the plastic quick, uniform and better unidirectional flow, and has a suitable gate solidification time.

   ⑴ to prevent the gate at the injection phenomenon in the filling process to produce corrugated traces.

      To prevent the way: increase the gate size or the use of impact gate.

   ⑵ symmetrical gate can prevent warping

   ⑶ gate position should be conducive to the melt flow and fill.

   (4) to prevent the melt directly impact slender core or insert.

   ⑸ gate location should be conducive to exhaust to avoid the wind.

   The location of the gate should be conducive to the exclusion of the wind, otherwise it will cause short shot, charred ﹑ or in the gate to produce high pressure.

   ⑹ flow ratio is not enough, consider a number of gate.

   (7) The location of the gate should be avoided as much as possible. If it is unavoidable, make them not in the functional area, the load area, the appearance area.

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