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Design of Exhaust System in Plastic Mold Manufacturing Process

Today is June 7th, which is also the day of the college entrance examination. In an instant, I think about the editor of Dongguan Plastic mold factory. I have already completed the college entrance examination for 7 years. Really, time flies. Many small partners who have passed the college entrance examination are you all right now? Well, without complaining, return to the topic, today we will introduce the design of the exhaust system in the plastic mold manufacturing process.

The source of the gas in the cavity, in addition to the existing air in the cavity, there are low molecular volatile gases generated by the plastic heat or solidification, must be considered to discharge these gases in sequence. In general, for a mold with a complex structure, it is difficult to estimate in advance the precise location of the air resistance. Therefore, it is often necessary to determine its position by tryout, and then open the exhaust slot. The exhaust slot is generally set where the cavity is filled. Exhaust methods include the use of mold parts with clearance clearance and exhaust vents. Exhaust is the need for molding plastic parts, and bleed air is the need for plastic parts to be demolded. For large-scale deep-cavity shell type plastic parts, the gas in the cavity is excluded after injection molding, and a vacuum is formed between the surface of the plastic part and the surface of the core during demolding, and it is difficult to demold. If forced release, plastic parts will be deformed or damaged, therefore, gas must be introduced, that is, air is introduced between the plastic parts and the cores, so that the plastic parts can be demolded smoothly. At the same time, several shallow grooves are processed on the parting surface for exhausting.

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