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The role of the gate in the plastic mold

Today is June 21 Tuesday, today Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce the role of the gate in the plastic mold. The gate in the plastic mold is the bridge connecting the manifold and the cavity, which is the weakest and most critical part of the pouring system.

The role of the gate:

   (1) the melt through the narrow gate growth, warming, conducive to filling the cavity.

   (2) injection pressure to fill the gate after the first solidification closed cavity, reducing the deformation and rupture of plastic parts.

   (3) narrow gate to facilitate the pouring material and plastic parts separation, easy to dress.

   (4) whether the location, quantity, shape, size, etc. of the gate directly affect the product appearance, dimensional accuracy, physical performance and molding efficiency.

Gate too small: easy to cause insufficient filling (short shot), shrinkage depression, weld marks and other appearance defects, and the molding shrinkage will increase.

The gate is too large: excess residual stress around the gate, resulting in deformation or rupture of the product, and difficulty in removing the gate.

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