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Plastic mold factory quality management system

As the saying goes, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, Plastic mold factory, which is the same, a good mold factory management system must be perfect, today Jiezhen mold editor with everyone together to see the quality management system of plastic mould factory.

The first mold manufacturing process to request the master to strengthen self inspection, take full responsibility for their quality system for the project, to timely rectification of defects and optimization problems, ensure the mold manufacturing quality is stable and reliable, resolutely ban to customer acceptance in crudely made, before the following quality assurance:

1, to ensure that the mold surface clean and free of grease, rust, all sharp edges, burrs chamfering processing should be uniform, burr;

2, mold surface finish is good, the bed must not cut corners die bed.

3, die well after the match must carefully check the mold can not appear not balanced phenomenon, if the customer take back mold production and processing a large burr found phenomenon can appear again on the fine processing!

4, the mold may not appear randomly knocking the phenomenon of losing temper chaos.


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