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Principle of Distribution of Waterway in Plastic Mold Design

Today is August 23, blink of an eye to the end of the month, and soon came in September, the students are about to start classes, and I as a Plastic mold factory in Dongguan die in the non-stop work. Today, the editor of the plastic mold factory for everyone to introduce the design of plastic mold in the distribution of water transport principles.

Purpose of waterway design:

1. Control the mold temperature; 2. Shorten the molding cycle; 3. Cooling large sliding parts to avoid stuck

 The purpose of the waterway design is to make the finished product evenly cooled and to be shaped in a short time. Water distribution is a direct impact on the product quality and production cycle (cost).

 Impact on quality: The water path is used to control the mold temperature during molding, and the mold temperature and its fluctuation have an effect on the shrinkage, deformation, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, stress cracking and surface quality of the product. Mainly in: surface finish; residual stress; crystallinity; hot bending.

The impact of the production cycle: a molding cycle mainly by the following parts. Reduce the cooling time is to improve the molding efficiency.

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