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Test Mold and Modification of Plastic Mold

Yesterday, 315 has been, and what business products have been exposed? Dongguan Plastic mold factory has been outstanding efforts to revitalize the national enterprises, I hope China's manufacturing industry can be more prosperous. Today, the editor with everyone to see the plastic mold in the test mode and repair mode.

Although it is in the selected molding materials, molding equipment, in the expected process conditions for mold design, but people's understanding is often imperfect, it must be completed in the mold after the test, try to shape the workpiece How is the quality. Found that after all, to eliminate the wrong mode of repair.

 Plastic parts of the phenomenon of many types of bad phenomenon, the reasons are very complex, there are mold reasons, there are reasons for the process conditions, the two are often only together. Before repairing the mold, it should be based on the plastic parts of the adverse phenomena of the actual situation, a detailed analysis of the study, identify the cause of defects caused by plastic parts after the remedial approach. Because the molding conditions are easy to change, so the general practice is to change the molding conditions, when changing the molding conditions can not solve the problem, only to consider repair mold.

 Repair mold should be more careful, not very sure can not act rashly. The reason is that once the change in the mold conditions, can no longer make a big transformation and restitution.


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