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Selection of Position and Shape of Plastic Mold Part

Today is a Saturday, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce the plastic mold parting surface shape and shape of the choice, in order to facilitate the manufacture, die extrusion surface (overflow and semi-overflow) and parting Horizontal, less curved or curved surface.

When the pressure direction is selected, the position of the parting surface can be determined. The principle of determining the position of the parting surface is similar to that of the injection mold. For example, the parting surface should be designed where the contour of the plastic part is the largest. As far as possible, Core parts should be located in the plastic parts are more subtle and easy to trim the flash where the flash, such as parting should be located in the plastic parts at right angles to the corner, and should not cross the smooth outer surface or arc turn In order to ensure that the key parts of the concentricity, it is best to require concentric size all set in the mold on the mold side or on the mold side, and should not be placed on both sides of the upper and lower mold; Pressure press, the main launch mechanism are located in the press below, so the choice of sub-surface position is best to let the plastic mold in the mold to stay in the next mold.

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