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Introduce mold classification standard

Believe in the mold industry friends, often referred to in the usual talk about the concept of "mould standardization", but the standardization in the die and mould industry is different from "standardization" is commonly used in machinery industry. Machinery industry generally can be measured by standard parts, and standardization of mould generally refers to "die standard parts using coverage".
      According to understand China mould standardization system includes four categories of existing standards, namely: the mold base, mould process quality standard, mold standard parts and mold production related technical standards.
      Because mould standardization China starts relatively late, "the national mold standardization technical committee", was established in 1983 began to die standard parts manufacturing, publicity and application work is relatively backward. So it caused less mould standard parts specifications, supply timely, sex of some problems exist for a long time, so that the mold standard parts using coverage has been low. In recent years, although due to the intervention of a foreign-capital enterprise, the ratio has been improved greatly, but overall is still very low.
       Let's take a look at other countries, every industry is relatively developed countries, attaches great importance to standardization, because can bring tools industrial quality, efficiency and effectiveness. If you are a mould enterprise's manager, should strive to carry out standard of mould, the mould standard parts, such not only can improve the quality of mold production quickly, and can reduce the production cost greatly even shorten the production cycle. Because of this, say so, pushing mold classification standard will be a trend in the development of mould industry.


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