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Plastic mold factory delivery is hard to control the reason analysis

In Plastic mold factory enterprises throughout the production process will encounter a lot of uncontrollable factors, including the date of delivery is a most the most concern of the enterprise management personnel, here I have come to dongguan plastic mold long delivery time to analysis the cause of difficult to control.

1. The first is the most common customer order information is not finalized, contracts and design changes frequently.

2. Sometimes is producing an order, but this time if meet urgent single thrust, the normal production order will be disrupted.

3. The material is not in place in time. Sometimes good order signed, design drawings are ready, but the material can not be timely sent to the ordering, this also is very troublesome thing. Small make up the mould of vibration on the often encountered this kind of situation, hope suppliers can have to the point.

4. Cannot effectively control mould processing plan. Everything is ready, but often can't keep up with changes. As in the execution plan, often to the mistake, this also will be delayed plan.

5. Can't find may delay the task ahead of time, take measures in advance. In the process of plan implementation, no timely follow up plan, lead to can't found the problem in time.

6. When the assembly found that the deficiency such as less. In this case the most impatient, it is almost ready, but is a little less so now.

7. The problem of production quality, scrap, rework, repair, and so on and so forth. It will waste a lot of manpower material resources and financial resources.

This factor, we must fully consider good, after receiving again out a detailed plan, production process, also want to root into the plans in a timely manner. It does it, believe that the plastic mold factory delivery on time performance is greatly improved.

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