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Design of plastic mould pouring system

The plastic mold pouring system is a plastic channel which is injected from the nozzle of the injection molding machine and injection into the mold cavity. It is the role of the molten state of plastic filled into the mold cavity, and in the filling and solidification process will be injected into the plastic parts of the injection pressure, and get the plastic parts meet the requirements.

Gating system is generally composed of four parts, the main channel, the runner, gate, cold material point. It is divided into: ordinary pouring system and hot runner system two types. The design of gating system has a direct impact on the quality of plastic parts and the difficulty of forming, which is an important part of the design of the mould.

Determination of the principle of gating system:

1 plastic and plastic molding characteristics;

2 plastic parts size and shape;

Number of cavities of 3 mold forming plastic parts;

4 appearance of plastic parts;

5 the size of the installation template of the injection molding machine;

6 molding efficiency;

7 cold material.

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