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What is the stripping slope in the plastic mold

It was Saturday, and it was Saturday. I believe that today's Dongguan Plastic mold factory most of the majority of my colleagues in their own jobs on it Today's editors tell you how stripping the skew is in the plastic mold.

As the plastic shrinks after cooling, will be tightly wrapped in the punch or lateral core, or due to adhesion, plastic parts close to the concave mold cavity. In order to facilitate the stripping, protective sub-plastic surface in the stripping when the scratch, etc., in the design of the plastic parts must be inside and outside the direction of the mold has a reasonable stripping angle. The size of the stripping slope depends on the performance of the plastic parts, geometric shapes such as height or depth, wall thickness and cavity surface conditions such as roughness, processing lines, etc., hard plastic than soft plastic stripping slope; , Or forming the hole more plastic parts depends on the large stripping slope; plastic height, the hole is deeper, then take a smaller stripping slope; wall thickness increases, the hole wrapped around the core force, Stripping the slope should also be larger.

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