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Cleaning of the production site management 5S of plastic mould factory

Plastic mold factory production site management 5S cleaning is to clean up the workplace, equipment, abnormal immediately repaired, so that the normal. Cleaning can cultivate the habit of talking about health, create a clean, fresh working environment, make people feel comfortable, to pave the way for the follow-up work, to avoid worries.

The production site in the production process will produce dust, oil, iron, garbage, so dirty at the scene. The scene of dirty equipment will reduce the accuracy, fault prone, affect the quality of products, make impossible to guard against security incidents; dirty site will affect people's emotions work, people do not want to stay. Therefore, must clear the dirt through the cleaning activities, create a bright and comfortable working environment.

The main point of the clean-up campaign is:

(1) the use of their own items, such as equipment, tools, etc., to their own cleaning, and not rely on others, not to increase the special cleaning;

(2) cleaning the equipment, focusing on the maintenance of the equipment. Cleaning equipment with the equipment inspection together, clearing the check; cleaning equipment to do equipment lubrication work at the same time, cleaning maintenance is also;

(3) cleaning is also to improve. When cleaning the ground found that there are flying debris and oil and water leakage, to identify the cause, and to take measures to improve.

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