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The Role of Plastic Mold in Modern Industrial Production

Today is 5.5, yesterday after the May Fourth Youth Festival, and today to the beginning of summer, and really is the time flies, blink of an eye has reached the summer in May, is not the time to sing the song of Mayday it Well, gossip, Dongguan Plastic mold factory today to introduce the plastic molding mold in the role of modern industrial production.

Plastic: is a resin as the main component of the polymer organic compounds.

Plastic molding: plastic mold is to make the use of plastic into the shape, size of a kind of equipment, plastic parts must be plastic mold molding process to shape, this process is called plastic molding.

Plastic features:

(1) physical characteristics: small density, light weight

(2) mechanical properties: higher than the strength

(3) Electrical characteristics: good insulation, low dielectric loss

(4) chemical characteristics: high chemical stability

(5) vibration, sound insulation performance

Development Trend of Plastic Molding Technology

(1) mold design, manufacturing digital, intelligent mold analysis

(2) the application of rapid prototyping technology

(3) the rapid measurement of mold technology and reverse engineering applications

(4) high-quality mold materials and the use of advanced heat treatment and surface treatment technology

(5) mold parts to the standardization level of development

(6) the complexity of the mold, precision and large-scale

1.2 Types of plastic molds

  According to the molding method of plastic parts

  (1) injection mold

(2) compression mold

(3) pressure injection mold

(4) Extrusion die

(5) Pneumatic Forming Mold

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