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The characteristics of plastic mold processing of high speed cutting for cutting tool

In high speed cutting is the most commonly used in the manufacturing process of Plastic mold factory important processing method of high speed cutting for nc machine tools and cutting tools, the plastic mold processing of what are the characteristics of high speed cutting for cutting tool, the following introduce for everybody.

High speed cutting generally use solid carbide:

1 high precision grinding, radial runout is lower than 3 microns.

2. As far as possible little bulge and overhanging, maximum rigidity, as small as possible tool bending deformation and large core diameter.

3. In order to make the risk, cutting force and the bending vibration as small as possible, a cutting edge and the contact length should be as short as possible.

4. The super size, taper shank, which was especially important in small diameter.

5. In order to get high abrasion resistance and fine grained matrix of TiAlN coatings.

6. Used for air cooling or cooling liquid cooling hole inside.

7. Suitable for the requirements of the high speed cutting hardened steel solid micro channel.

8. Symmetric cutting tool, it is best to design to ensure balance.

As far as possible the use of indexable insert cutting tools:

1. Design ensures the balance.

2. The warranty on the blade and the blade to beat in the low volume and high precision, the maximum radial runout of the work piece is 10 microns.

3. Suitable for the requirements of the high speed cutting hardened steel grades and trough.

4. The knife there is proper clearance on concrete, to avoid bending tool cutting force disappears friction.

5. Air supply or coolant cooling hole (mill).

6. The knife mark on specific allow maximum speed.

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