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Standard mold base in plastic mold

Today is June 29th. It can be said that the 18th year has passed. The majority of my colleagues in Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory have you crazy for the World Cup this month. I believe most of my colleagues in the plastic mold did not have this. Time it. Today, we introduce the standard mold bases in plastic molds.

In order to shorten the design and manufacturing time of molds, the designers of mold manufacturing companies often focus their work on the design and processing of the molds, and the mold bases as the basic components often use the standard mold bases of professional manufacturers.

The standard mold base, also known as the standard mold base or the standard mold base, is produced by a professional manufacturer. The mold designer can order directly from the mold base manufacturer according to the mold demand.

The current standard mold bases can generally be divided into two-plate mold bases and three-plate mold bases. Two-plate mold frame commonly known as Dagukou mold frame, mainly applied to the use of lateral gate mold; three-plate mold frame commonly known as thin nozzle mold frame, more suitable for the use of point gate mold. According to the specific function and structure of the formwork, these two types of formworks are subdivided into several different styles, and they will be introduced one by one for the next time.

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