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Principle is used in the plastic mold ejection system

Plastic mold ejection system is one of the most important function of injection mold structure, it consists of a series of launch parts and auxiliary parts, can have different action.

Out system on the dynamic model, and the products will launch by the movements of the injection molding machine cavity. At the top of the design of institutions, must according to the product shape, complexity, and introduce structure form of injection molding machine, adopt different ejection mechanism. Ejection methods are: thimble, push board, air pressure, etc.

Ejection system selection principle:

1. The products after parting from deformation, uniform distribution of thrust, thrust face is as large as possible, and close to the core.

2. Products in the launch does not cause fracture, thrust should be located in products can withstand the greater force.

3. Try not to the appearance of the damage to the goods.

4. Launch institutions should be reliable, flexible motion, easy fabrication, with easy to change.

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