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Plastic mold cavity exhaust

In the manufacture of the plastic moulds, when injection NORYL GTX resin, make cavity exhaust effectively, to melt is extremely important to release the air can escape. Correct exhaust can help prevent "internal combustion" overheating (or folder) and at the end of the resin flow caused by coke burning mark, this for thin-walled parts and even more crucial when using high speed injection.

Lack of exhaust will slow filling rate, is likely to lead to inadequate mold filling. The last and the fusion line filling points to give vent groove. For NORYL resin GTX, suggest the minimum exhaust slot width is 0.25 inch (6.35 mm), rather than enhanced NORYL GTX resin and the depth of the enhanced resin respectively is 0.0005 ~ 0.00015 inches (0.013 to 0.038 mm) and 0.013 ~ 0.0015 inches (0.025 ~ 0.038 mm). Along the fusion line, on the whole, every 1 to 2 inches (25.4 ~ 50.8 mm) due and exhaust slot. For the surface area of the parts, should be along the parting line, every 1 ~ 2 inches (25 ~ 50 mm) set an exhaust slot.

Parting line exhaust slot detail Suggestions transition section length is 0.09 inches (2.29 mm). Seam is deflated and exhaust slot should be wide, suggested depth is 0.015 ~ 0.030 inches (0.38 ~ 0.76 mm). All kinds of crystal resin, its exhaust slot depth range from 0.0005 to 0.00075 inches, for glass fiber enhanced amorphous resin, can be up to 0.003 inches. If possible, it is recommended to use full annular exhaust slot, may avoid the parting line clip. Some filling form can lead to the parting line can not form exhaust gas. To discharge the gas, exhaust slot can open at the top of the plunger, sets and mobile core, let the gas through the mould. Exhaust port cold material well also can improve the melt flow of cavity.

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